We're absolutely delighted with the work that Halcyon has done on our house. We had very specific goals: a large screened-in porch and a kitchen expansion. Neither were easy to realize. The porch involved an enormous amount of carpentry, knocking through a wall and demolishing a stairway, changing the roof, and electrical work. The kitchen had to connect with the expanded porch, and needed to be built in a way that coheres with the rest of the house.

Justin and his team worked with us at every step of the way, providing excellent design options and forthright budgetary advice -- especially valuable when we encountered unanticipated snags and extra costs. Building took a tad longer than we expected, but the finished product is just fantastic. It was worth the wait.

Justin is a terrific principal -- he ensures that work is done to a high standard and is suitably obsessive about details that matter. The Halycon crew are also great: brilliant with our two young kids, tidy, friendly, communicative, and consistently professional.

We recommend Halcyon unreservedly. You might find a contractor who will do things for less, but for quality of work they're second-to-none.

— Kate Becker

Halcyon did an amazing job! There was lots to do in this 1920's fixer upper, and their team worked HGTV style to get an insane amount of work done in a very short period of time, so that we could move during my winter break, and so my daughter could transition into a new school as soon as the break ended. Despite the bursting to-do list, Justin encouraged me to consider re-finishing the floors before anything went into the house. I hesitantly followed his advice, but it turned out to be the best decision possible! The re-finished floors are spectacular and completely revitalize the house. Accomplishing this before the move was also a money-saver, as it would have been cumbersome, disruptive and significantly more expensive to try and re-finish the floors with the furniture in place. The Halcyon crew worked tirelessly and everyone was extremely pleasant and professional. Justin's communication and oversight exceeded my high expectations. Finishing the work with such a tight deadline wouldn't have been possible without his energy and commitment to my project. I can't wait to call Halcyon when I'm ready to tackle an addition to the house!

— Elizabeth Erickson

Halcyon were responsible, knowledgeable, pleasant & exceeded our expectations.

To work with Halcyon’s experienced team & their subcontractors was a pleasure. Their professional attitude of conscientious service met deadlines & our budget was carefully followed. Specific examples included thorough daily monitoring of the project. When they detected errors & oversights in the architectural plans, they discussed them with us and came up with intelligent practical solutions. Their especially innovative suggestion to insert an interior window into a staircase increased interior day & night illumination & enhanced the beauty of the staircase & 2 adjacent rooms.

— Dick and Julia Crampton

Beautiful work, excellent communication, suggested cost savings when appropriate.

Halcyon came recommended by a friend who had a complete renovation of her house. Work was done in a timely fashion. Tearing out plaster was a messy job but the crew did everything they could to minimize the disruption. The job was priced fairly and the estimate was comprehensive.

We have recommended Halcyon to several other homeowners and we look forward to working with Halcyon again in the future.

— Lorie Craddock

Without exception, Halcyon Contracting exceeded our expectations!

They offer a mix of professionalism, craftsmanship, and their estimating is unmatched. Given the complexity of the job and the uncertainty of what it entailed, they were able to design and craft, beautifully and efficiently, a new roof for us within the estimated budget limits, while maintaining consistency with the design elements of the old place (1920's house with failing Yankee gutters). No other contractors that we consulted were able to do what they did in the time and budget that they did it for! We are very grateful for Halycyon Contracting and the high standards that they hold themselves to.

— Lory Bedotto

Justin Pincham and his Halcyon Contracting crew did our kitchen remodeling project.  This involved completely tearing out the old kitchen, gutting walls, jackhammering the old tile floor, and moving water pipes and electrics to create an island.  The kitchen is built on a concrete slab under which some incredibly strange problems were found with the original water pipes and HVAC vent, yet Justin and his crew were able to creatively and effectively mitigate those issues without breaking our budget.  Everyone was responsive to our needs and ideas, as well as respectful of our home and our property.  Justin communicated with us frequently about progress, issues, materials needed, timelines and costs.  Our kitchen is both beautiful and functional, getting many compliments from guests.  We can highly recommend Justin for any home remodeling project!  We would definitely hire Halcyon Contracting again!

— Jackie Davidson

We’re one year out, and we still marvel at our kitchen. We’re already planning our next project with Halcyon.

Halcyon did our kitchen renovation and exterior siding renovation. Both projects were complicated endeavors. The kitchen involved tearing down weight bearing walls, installing a steel I-beam, re-routing HVAC ducts and electrical wires, replacing plumbing supply lines, installing new exterior windows, installing oven exhaust fan tubing, new cabinets and counter tops, new lighting, and new appliances. Replacing the siding involved replacing all the exterior walls as well and all the exterior trim. In total they were here for 8 months. You couldn’t ask for a nicer crew. They were friendly, flexible and accommodating. We trusted them with the house. They left the work areas clean each day. They did not litter or smoke. They worked diligently each day. Our dogs loved them. Justin, the owner, supervised them well and communicated with us often about timelines, hiccups, the budget, etc.

— Carlos Armengol

Halcyon had our full trust from day 1 to the last day of construction.

They helped with design and contracting services in basement and den. We were very pleased with Justin and his crew as well as his subs. They were reliable, clean, respectful, responded to all our questions or concerns quickly and with care. We were very pleased at how carefully they planned construction so as to disrupt our family as little as possible and to control the mess as much as possible.

— D. Leblang

Toward the end of last summer we purchased a 1950s ranch house that required a few immediate improvements. There was some urgency to completing this work since we were already living in the house and since my mother-in-law was expected to be arriving in less than a month. We have known and have had great respect for the principals of Halcyon for many years, although we had never worked with them before. We called Justin to explain our circumstances, and he responded immediately - literally arriving at our home that evening to discuss the project.

Incredibly, by the next day the basic demo and prep work was underway, all while being mindful of the fact that my wife and I were already living in the house. Within one week major elements of the project had been completed and within two weeks, we were in great shape.

Justin’s oversight and management of his team and the various subcontractors were impeccable. His attention to detail and eye for quality was second to none. He was (and is) a wonderful communicator, always providing us with prompt replies, making personal visits, reviewing the job with us regularly, and answering all our questions and concerns.

It was a marvelous experience, and we look forward enthusiastically to working with Halcyon on our next project(s). Without any hesitation, I would highly recommend Halycon for anyone, whether the project is small or large. Fantastic!

— Sean & Ladi Carr

We sit now in a home that exceeds our wildest dreams (but not our budget!) and we owe it all to Justin Pincham of Halcyon Contracting.

We had absolute faith, confidence and trust in his skills, talents, vision and integrity going in, yet he still managed to exceed our expectations on this job. 

Our project required some very technical work that was expertly executed, and the results are stunning. The kitchen and butler’s pantry are the envy of all! Justin is also a visionary designer who can offer excellent suggestions and ideas. He and his in-house architect are an unbeatable team. 

Justin is an expert in most every aspect of building. Be it structural, electric, or plumbing, his hands-on knowledge make him a very thorough supervisor of the sub-contractors. When something came up that was really tricksey, Justin would roll up his sleeves and do it himself. This melted all of our anxieties because we knew that if Justin was doing it, it was going be done right and we didn’t have to worry about it. 

Justin also has an innate ability to attract good people. I can’t say enough good things about the Halcyon team. My husband and I were on the job site most days, and they came to feel like family. We’ve missed them so much that we have to invite them to dinner from time to time so that we can stay in touch! 

— Khabira Wise

We hired Halcyon to do build a staircase in our home. The work they did was top notch, the team was polite, clean and responsive. The staircase is now the most complimented space in our home, and I would hire them again in an instant.

— Carrie Meslar

We have worked with Justin Pincham and Halcyon for over a year. He was present at home inspections and saw things that helped us make critical purchasing decisions. His observations and recommendations were and remain invaluable.

By listening to us describe our optimal day-to-day living style, Justin and his designer gave us ideas that could be incorporated into our "new" house that would meet, and at times exceed, our vision of a comfortable living environment.

Justin prepared the necessary drawings and documents for presentation to our Home Owners Association in order to receive approval for the construction plans. He was available to present the plans to the HOA.

Justin has pointed out items and made suggestions for revisions that will make our life easier. For example, he knows that we travel, often for extended periods of time, and with that thought mind, he proposed a more convenient access so that we can turn off the water while we are away. His ideas are always accompanied by a well thought out rationale and explained to us (non construction savvy, not DIY'ers) in an easily understable manner, while being mindful of our budget.

Phase I of our project is almost complete and we couldn't be happier with the results and with our association with Halcyon. Everyone, certainly starting with Justin are true professionals; they are expert craftsmen as well as courteous folks and so pleasant to be around.

We look forward to Phase II and heartily recommend Halcyon for any house-related project.

— S. Brooks

Justin and Halcyon Contracting did a wonderful job with our kitchen renovation.

We had a very funky layout in an old house and Justin had great ideas to make it a wonderful space to work and live in. He was able to work within our tight budget but still get a beautiful end result.

Our house was build over a century ago and not well maintained so conditions were not ideal for even simple work. Justin was able to bring his experience to bear to minimize the costs of dealing with the particularities of a house of that age. He was able to fit prefabricated cabinets into a difficult space with a lot of ingenuity and care, resulting in a polished and fresh environment. In a space where NOTHING was level or plumb he used small, intelligently-deployed pieces of custom work to give everything a nice finish and functionality, without busting our budget. He was honest as he found irregularities and adapted to them, and communicated well, explaining our choices and giving us good advice. The kitchen is the central room of our life and we have several pets, but he worked with us (and pets) to keep disruption to a very livable minimum and keeping a clean work site. Justin and his workers were always polite and friendly and we were always comfortable with them in our house.

We recommend Justin's firm frequently and would hire him again without hesitation.

— Amy Mikeska

A year after our addition was completed by Halcyon, we decided to put in an in-ground pool. We selected a pool design/installer but it turns out they only (Only!) do the actual pool. Completion of the project required a number of subs: geo-engineer, electric, plumbing, excavator, concrete, carpentr,y and all of the design work that went into everything outside the 4 corners of the pool, all of which was especially technical because we had a slope to deal with which meant terraces, stairs to the lower yard, you name it. 

So we called on Justin and his team at Halcyon. The end result is stunning, architecturally sound and beautifully integrated into the existing house. They also designed and built an outdoor shower that perfectly takes advantage of our mountain views. Last but not least they built a pool/garden shed that is a dream come true. We couldn't be happier.

— K. Wise

Work done: Replaced floors in entire house. Repaired walls and framing and painted entire house. Did demo and helped remove old furniture, then helped return everything. Justin gave appropriate suggestions for repair, replacement, painting, decorating, etc. Justin and his crew, specifically John and Caleb were wonderful to work with. They were respectful and went out of their way to accommodate us. Justin has great knowledge about what needed to be done and spent a lot of time going over everything with us. He found issues we did not know were there and still kept everything within our budget. We had to live in the house while the construction was being done and Halcyon accommodated us every step of the way making sure we were as comfortable as possible. Justin helped us tremendously with decision options and consistently guided us in a good direction. We are still a work in progress and I highly recommend Halcyon.

— C. Exline

Justin was recommended to us by a neighbor and friend. He helped us design and bring to fruition our dream kitchen. The result is a perfect blend of modern and old fashioned, which is what we were looking for.

Everyone who works for him and with him does very high quality work. I have not stopped looking at this new room with wonder.

— I. Railton

We hired Halcyon to turn our unfinished basement into a finished bathroom, bedroom, and multi-purpose space. After receiving estimates from 3 companies, we went with Halcyon because they were well organized, professional, and fit with our budget expectations. The project took about 2 months. Communication with Justin and the team was excellent throughout the project. In our former home we had done a lot of DIY work and were admittedly a little nervous about hiring a contractor and whether they would show the same amount of care and attention to detail. With Halcyon, the finished project exceeded our expectations and the workmanship was of the professional quality we expected. If any details were not quite as we wanted, Justin made it right. We will certainly enjoy our new basement space for years to come!

—Megan Hettinger

Justin Pincham did an incredible job installing my new windows in my McGuffey Hill condo.

I would highly recommend him if you are looking for a knowledgeable, professional contractor. I have never been disappointed.

— Jamie White

When we contacted Halcyon to make a bid on an art studio addition to our 1980,s “modern” architecture house, we had a pretty good idea what we wanted. In addition to the studio, the house needed an updated foyer and laundry room to be repositioned to the street side of the house. This required some thoughtful redesign work which was skillfully executed by Halcyon’s architect David Mullen. David took our design ideas and made them better, resulting in an updated look for the whole house. Throughout the project, owner Justin Pincham was accessible and communicative and his staff were outstanding. Some features we particularly appreciated were:

  • same core Halcyon staff present throughout the project, enabling us to develop a good working relationship with them and communicate concerns or changes as needed,

  • excellent communication between designer and the construction team which is important when renovating an older home where unusual structural anomalies were revealed in the demolition phase,

  • strong advocate for our issues and concerns when working with subcontractors,

  • flexibility and great input on our choices of finished design and decorative materials (flooring, paint colors, etc.)

  • high standards for workmanship and quality control